Water Moccasin began over thirty years ago as a simple backyard operation, manufacturing pirogues in Shreveport, Louisiana. Since its humble beginnings, Water Moccasin has grown to offer multiple models of boats, as well as trailer manufacturing to serve the boating community.

In the early years, Water Moccasin relocated to Stonewall, Louisiana to facilitate the need for more space. In the last decade, Water Moccasin built a new retail factory outlet store in Stonewall, and consolidated operations to what is now “Water Moccasin Outdoors”. The store currently offers all Water Moccasin products, as well as aluminum boats, pontoon boats and multiple outboard engine lines. Water Moccasin Outdoors also offers boat trailers for the lines of boats sold as well as custom orders.

Water Moccasin Outdoors has been a family operation since the beginning, and a family operation today… where a hand shake and a smile is part of the deal.

It goes without saying that we repair and service outboard engines, but did you know that Water Moccasin Outdoors specializes in boat repairs such as bilge, electrical, steering as well as full trailer repair and service such as lighting, wiring, bunk board replacement and major repairs like frame and suspension work. Water Moccasin Outdoors has a manufacturing division for boats and trailers, and they are well qualified for most general boat and trailer repairs.

Visit the friendly folks at Water Moccasin Outdoors in Stonewall, Louisiana Today!