Motorguide Trolling MotorsThough the trolling motor technology was there for almost 30 years, no one had built upon the basic concepts. Fishermen everywhere were becoming frustrated, and looking for ways that their trolling motor could work for them. Better, faster, stronger…. and MotorGuide was born. In the early 1960’s, G.H. Harris of Jackson, Mississippi was tired of sculling his small fishing boat around nearby Ross Barnett Reservoir. So he began toying with the idea of building an electric motor to move his boat along at fishing speeds. Although the SilverTrol electric motor had been invented some 30 years by then, Harris found it to be awkward to use, having to turn it on and be steered by hand. He wanted something he could operate with his foot so it didn’t distract from his fishing. Tinkering with a field wound electric motor, Harris developed a system that used a spring-loaded direction control that he could operate with his foot to steer his boat. When he would take his foot off the pedal, the spring would return the motor to its straight-ahead position Herschede Hall Clock Co. in Starkville, makers of high-quality grandfather clocks, struck a deal with Harris to build and sell his new design, called the Guide-Rite.


Motor Guide