Water Moccasin

Water Moccasin BoatsWater Moccasin Boats offers a unique and complete line of pirogues and electric boats as well as stick steering outboard powered boats for fishing and hunting.  Manufactured from fiberglass right here in Stonewall Louisiana USA. Custom matched trailers are also manufactured right on site as well for a perfect fit every time.  The line up of Water Moccasin Boats is broken up int three groups.


ONE MAN PIROGUES: WM1140 WM1240 WM1242 WM1242D

These boats are designed to be lightweight, and easy to handle.  They are normally used without a trailer, and will fit in the back of any pickup. They can easily be loaded by one person, and can be launched anywhere there is water. Ponds, lakes, streams, or flooded timber they are great for hard to reach places or off the beaten path Water moccasin Boatsareas where a full size boat just cant go. The  WM1140 & WM1240 can be used as a paddle boat or outfitted with a foot controlled trolling motor.  There are two different seating setups used for each application.  A6 inch pedestal and seat are normally used for paddling, while a 12 inch pedestal and seat are used in the trolling motor application.  The taller pedestal serves a dual purpose, it offers a more comfortable angle to the foot pedal of the trolling motor while making a secure place for the battery to go right under the seat to provide containment from shifting loads. Color : Water Moccasin OD Camo
WM1448  WM1448D  Wm1448T

The two man family of boats were designed for more carrying capacity, as well as more features normally not found in small boats.  Its pretty unusual to find a really nice small boat with quality features such as live wells, lighting, bilge pump or carpeting.  We use the same hardware and fittings you would find on any top quality bass boat, but packaged in a small boat frame . Powered by an electric foot controlled trolling motor,the 1448 family is a great choice for two people use.  The Wm1448 is the base model with boat, two seats and pedestals and a foot controlled trolling motor. Rod holders are standard feature with a gel coat matte finish interior.  The 1448D model has all the features as the base model PLUS live well under the rear seat, four switch panel with Navigation lights, bilge &  aerator pumps and interior courtesy lights.   The WM1448T model was originally designed as a very roomy one man top of the line electric boat with storage, and molded in deck area for trays, and drink holder.  It later received an additional front seat option, then became standard feature.    A trailer is required for the line of two man Water Moccasin boats, however you can still man handle it on or off the trailer if need be.  Color Metal flake Blue/Teal Green/Red  Water Moccasin OD CAMO